Agile Performance Management Software:

Project management software has become an integral part of our daily working life. With the rise of digital technologies, these project management tools have become a strategic advantage for innovative companie.Nowadays, it is almost inevitable not to use project management software. 

There are numerous options available which makes it difficult to choose the right one. So how do you decide which project management software to integrate with your organization?

 What makes good project management software?

Different companies have different needs and unique processes. That’s why one of the most important factors for good PM software is being flexible and Performance Management Software. A useful PM tool will allow you to build your workflows in a traceable way and should help you to identify weaknesses in the work process.

 It will also allow you to manage multiple projects easily and track project progress effortlessly. No need for manual data extraction and constant status reporting. Last but not least, powerful project management software will allow your teams to collaborate effectively and smoothly.

 Now let’s jump into our list of top 10 project management tools.


Kanbanize is the leading Kanban software for agile project and portfolio management. It provides visibility across projects and portfolios, connects planning with execution, and helps teams deliver faster. Built on the idea that all processes evolve, Kanbanize can quickly adapt to changes in your organization, regardless of whether you are a start-up or a company.

 Kanbanize delivers incredible performance, from visualizing key company initiatives to tiering hierarchical work items.

 The software combines an advanced set of Kanban tools, including simple and easy-to-use collaboration features that can help your team assess the progress of your projects.

 Main features:

 project schedule

Kanban boards

time tracking

Workflow automation

project forecast

Automated project status reports

dependency management

Powerful analysis module


Many companies use spreadsheets to keep track of their plans, finances, and inventories. Smartsheet offers an innovative way to collaborate on projects and processes. It effectively combines the usability of a spreadsheet with visual timeline management and collaborative file sharing.

 The platform is designed to increase collaboration and unlock work agility. It accelerates decision making while understanding the importance of data-driven information.

 Main features:

 gant charts

Resource management


Automated alerts and actions

calendar view


Activity logs

These and many others make Smartsheet the preferred choice of many project managers.


Jira is a generalized issue and project tracking solution that supports task mapping, prioritization, and delegation.

 The product is specifically tailored for software engineers as it helps them create agile workflows, visualize bugs, assign tasks and track team activity. With Jira, you can also generate different charts and reports; most of them are Scrum oriented such as Burndown Charts, Burn Up Charts, Sprint Reports, etc.

 The simple and user-friendly interface allows users to easily collaborate and optimize all their work processes.

 Main features:

 Scrum Boards


agile reports

custom filters

Process automation

Bugs and defect management

Search and filtering


Wrike is an online project management tool that gives you the flexibility to manage multiple projects and teams. Flexibility allows teams to collaborate and get things done effectively in one place. The tool has a simple and user-friendly interface that allows users to switch between Gantt charts, workload views, and more.

 Wrike is customizable software that can be configured to respond to specific needs depending on the type of team or organization. For example, marketing teams and professional services teams.

 Main features:

 Interactive timeline (Gantt chart)

Real-time news feed

document collaboration

task management

Task discussions

task prioritization

custom reports


Asana is a popular project management software that helps teams set priorities and deadlines, share details and assign tasks, all in one place. It is also highly customizable to suit the needs of different teams. Asana lets you schedule projects, share files, track time and expenses, and more.

 Asana is also famous for its ability to integrate with many apps outside of its framework, so you can see everything in one place.

 Main features:

 activity feed

Automatic updates to email/inbox

Create custom calendars and views

Project sections and survey views

My To-Do List and Focus Mode

Track tasks and add followers

View team members’ tasks and priorities


This tool offers several options for managing tasks and projects. ProjectManager combines project planning and scheduling capabilities with team collaboration tools. With this software you can plan in sprints or plan waterfall projects in interactive Gantt charts. Teams, on the other hand, can easily collaborate on tasks.

 Overall, the software is intuitive to use and has a good variety of ways to visualize your projects and track their progress.

 Main features:

 real-time dashboards

gant charts

task management

Project reports


Team workload management

scheduling (CollabNet VersionOne)

This platform helps companies to engage stakeholders, track and report on various projects.

 From planning your projects at the portfolio level to tracking and delivering work items from a single customer, the software powers delivery and shortens time to market. Having end-to-end visibility into your project’s progress and performance gives you the comprehensive information needed to make data-driven decisions for new plans, changes, and potential issues.

 Main features:

 portfolio management

Reports and analytics

project planning

product roadmap

release planning

idea management


Some Honorable Mentions

The project management software market is diverse and there are many other solutions worth mentioning. Here are some of them:




liquid planner


Whichever project management software you choose, remember that all organizations are unique and have unique processes. If a particular tool works for other companies, it doesn’t mean it will work for you too. We advise you to try out as many different options as possible and find the one that fits your needs.

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