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Agile Performance Management: 

There area unit many performance management objectives.

 Development. provide individuals and groups feedback that will be accustomed to improve, for current and future roles.

Direction. facilitate individuals and groups to move in the necessary direction.

Recognition. acknowledge individuals and groups for their accomplishments and efforts.

Remuneration. Gather data that will be accustomed to confirm the proper regular payment levels for people and groups.

If done right, the performance management method ought to cause larger engagement and larger productivity for the groups and people that form up a company.


In recent years, performance management has had a somewhat negative connotation. Typical performance management processes utilized in several organizations (even today) had some downsides:

 Very slow (usually designed around associate degree annual cycle)

Top to bottom (manager assesses his people)

To arch (“As I’m the oldest, you’ll learn a great deal from me”)

Overly addicted to managers with typically poor feedback skills

Very actuated by the organization (we confirm what we might prefer to see and then value it against our criteria)

Resulting in ratings (“Your overall rating is three.5”)

Very advanced (usually long lists with criteria)

not terribly unjust.

 What will we SEE TODAY?

Recently, several organizations have tried to revamp their performance management method. What will we see today?

 Feedback frequency has accrued

Feedback apps like Impraise and TruQu area unit gaining traction

Using multiple (360) raters is turning into common

A move far away from ratings (but some earlier adapters area units already creating a comeback…)

Focus on “Good Conversations”

A tendency to create feedback additional superficial (“Good job!”)

Still relying a great deal on humans to induce along and provides feedback

It’s still an indoor focus (“We got to organize this for our organization”)

Still desire a standardized answer for the whole organization

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